Ode to Pajamas

One of the more indulgent decisions of my adult life was deciding that I was only going to sleep in pajamas. Official, bonafide pjs. It always seemed like such a waste to spend money on clothes that hardly anybody would see, and I would only be laying down in. I never pegged myself as a high maintenance person, so it was always middle school t-shirts and second hand adidas shorts for me.

Now that I’m rolling in to my late 20’s, and honestly don’t have that many people to impress, I’ve begun to see the value in how and who you are in your home. This is your base self. Your core. Yes I want to look presentable in the day, but I also want to feel like I’m worth dressing when I’m lounging around the house too. Below are a few of my favorite pajama sets. Ask for some for your birthday. It, along with the obligatory Bath and Body lotion you will inevitably be gifted, is so worth it!

Hearts -- Plaid -- Woodland -- Stripes -- Ladybugs (which I'm wearing in the pictures above and found in store on major clearance!)


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