Celebrating the Olympics!

The snowpocolypse of 2018 hit Chicago on Thursday night, but it was actually perfect timing because I already had too many creative-but-messy indoor activities planned for Friday in honor of the Olympics! Enthusiasm towards sports and patriotism are not sentiments that are close to my heart, but the Olympics somehow breaks down all my barriers and I all of a sudden love America and ALL sports so much. How do we all end up feeling so attached to teenagers from Utah and California and New York because as they ski and sled and curl. I don’t know. America.
I think the reason that I’m extra extra about the olympics this year is that the boys are finally old enough to at least know that something is going on. I remember watching the summer olympics with Atticus while I was pregnant with Phin. Now we’re learning about figure skating and skiing. This morning we watched the opening ceremonies on my phone and they marveled at the Korean elements in the show like the giant tiger and the drummers in their traditional dress. I want them to understand that we are just a very small part of this big world, and the Olympics is such a special time when we all get to celebrate together. For our banner, I did try to select which flags to make based on where some of our friends are from or are living now, and we recently added Canada, France, and China. Painting was not part of my original plan for the day (seriously, so messy) but I couldn't find a banner of flags to buy in the days leading up to the opening ceremony, so we decided to make some!

A few shots from the self-timer archive. They boys are getting really into making videos and taking pictures, so I've been trying to sneak in all the extra shots they'll let me. ;)


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