On Themes

I've realized that the main theme of holiday memories growing up was just having time to relax. When we spent time at a grandparent's house, there was not a lot to do, and not a lot going on. We would sit around and talk, I would bring my graph paper to draw or something to read, and we would get out old games to play that we hadn't played since last Christmas. Not taking long trips to see family allowed for opportunities to see friends we usually didn't, and to spend more time at home baking or enjoying our Christmas gifts. Our neighbors would come over more, and there was just an overall sense of connection.

In thinking through the next month of celebrating and activities and traditions, I really want this theme to emerge in our own family. And I'm realizing that I need to make an effort to retain that space for us. I'm looking forward to actually watching Christmas movies with the kids! Instead of turning them on then thinking of all the laundry I should be doing. And I want to catch up on my design magazine subscriptions and make evening runs over to the neighbor's to catch up.

Atticus asks me at least one a day to come sit on the couch with him. When it gets to be more than one or two asks a day, I can look back over our past week and see that I've been moving around too much and too quickly. Our couch time usually consists of reading a book or two, then just hanging out while they play. And as I write this now, I'm so grateful that he already senses the value of couch time together. 


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