On a warmer day last week, we took the train to Christkindl market... mainly for hot chocolate and maybe some treats. Even on a weekday early afternoon, the market crowds kind of intimidate me. It's just a slow moving bunch, stopping to talk to friends they run into and standing in lines to get into ornament shops. As I type that now it sounds pretty magical, but when I've got the double stroller it can feel like a little much. Either way, it's a fun environment to stroll around in for a bit!
 Seeing the mounted policemen was definitely a highlight for the boys!
 Did I mention that they have TWO mugs this year?? It's easier to justify buying both when you have two kids. ;)
A few days ago, Atticus and I were researching St. Nick and the origin of Santa Claus. We learned that he was coined as Christkindl, meaning "Christ like" in German. I know that Santa Claus traditions have gone lots of different ways since then, but it's always cool to learn about the characters that influenced the big guy we know today.


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