Gingerbread House Extravaganza

When we started having babies, I envisioned us keeping our Christmas tradition pretty locked in tight from year to year. I grew up being home every Christmas morning, and that protected, chill time was really special for our family. As we've grown our family, and grown up a little, our Christmas traditions have centered more around the activities leading up to the holiday, and time spent together in preparation. This will get harder when the kids are older and in school (womp), but we'll figure out a way to hold on to at least some of these activities together! I do envision us honing in our traditions to be the home-based ones when they're older, staying in to be together instead of fighting the weekend crowds. Although, I'm pulling for pics with the 900 N Michigan Santa until they're 18! ;) jk... kind of.

Christmas this year is a little different for us. As we anticipate some transitions in the coming weeks, we haven't been able to make a lot of solid plans for traveling, or really start to stock up on gifts or bring out the ornaments. This has actually been a freeing season as far as the holidays go. We take advantage of opportunities when we can, but we're not making a list of multiple activities to do each week of December.

Michael had the day off on Friday of last week, so we took the opportunity to bust out the family Christmas PJs and make our gingerbread house. All three of the boys were really into decorating the house, and eating about half of the decorations before they even made it on the house. The fact that A and P really wanted to eat the house as soon as it was done makes me want to make our own pieces to build a house, so that I can double the batch and let them eat one whole house while we build the other one!
I think Phin's face wraps up this experience pretty well. ;)


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