November Snow Day

You guys. November snow is just magical. Sure, it's a little early. But it's not cold enough to freeze in place for weeks, and it seems to usher us into winter. Like, I am over here welcoming winter with a big fat, arms wide open hug, and thinking that maybe winter is a plus side of Chicago? Maybe??

Before when it's snowed, I've taken the boys out to the back yard (and now that I think about it, I may have only taken Atticus out to play), and I liked feeling as close to the house as possible to rush them inside if they get too cold. This year we got some legit snow proof mittens (I haven't sprung for snow pants yet, but legging pj pants under jeans worked well for us to keep them dry). The mittens plus their growing adventurous spirits led us out the front door to play in the first snow of the season. And, for real, snow is so much fun. In the summer it's like, what heavy toys do I need to take down the stairs and keep track of while they play? With snow, it's just there! Snow balls, snow throwing, snow eating, and snow angels... it doesn't end. Plus, apparently it's fun to walk in the snow and just randomly fall down. I don't know, but we went with it.

Also, nothing cuter than bundled up littles. It takes a lot of time and patience to get to this point, but it's worth the marshmallow-ness and few minutes of fresh air! Happy Winter. <3


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