Blueberry Picking

Living in the suburbs for the past few weeks has been a s t r u g g l e for me. My heart still sinks every time I look up a downtown spot on google maps and it tells me how may miles away it is. So much of this is, obviously, personal preference, because I will sit in 3 miles of traffic in Chicago for as long as it takes someone to drive 15 miles in the suburbs. So I get it that maybe I'm crazy. ;)

And with that I say (with a tinge of cringe because I'm kind of over the trending city-pride jargon) I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE CITY. But in the mean time, I'm trying to take a step back and look at what is immediately around us "in the middle of nowhere" (ha) and really, the suburbs of Seattle are PACKED with nature. So many parks, trails, look outs... it seems unending. Today the boys and I explored a trail nearby (via running!) and last week we went blueberry picking. I used to go fruit picking with friends when we lived in Spokane and there's just something so relaxing about it. Taking your time. Trying it out. Focusing on each little blueberry in front of your face, choosing which ones are ready to be picked.

The orchard that we went to was pretty small, but it was the perfect size for the boys. It backed up to a lake and just had alll the northwest-y vibes about it.


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