Atticus the Toddler

A few days ago, Atticus fell and bonked his head pretty hard. While the knot on his forehead was growing and the vertical bruise began to show, I held him as he cried. He's been really into check ups and medicine and requests both whenever he hurts himself, so we've been talking a lot about how God made our skin to heal, and we don't always have to go to the Dr. or take medicine when we get hurt. So he was crying into my shoulder, then sat back and said "Jesus come to help me?" and I said "Yes! Jesus is here with us helping you." Another minute of crying. He starts looking around, still crying, asking "Where is he? Where is he?" Oh. My heart. We then talked (again) about how God is with us even though we can't see him.

Do I ever look around, expecting to see Jesus if he showed himself? Never. Or hardly ever. But when I'm telling Atticus that God is with us, I believe it more than ever. I feel Him, and I know that Atticus feels Him too.


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