Atticus the Baker

One of our big Christmas projects was baking cookies and then delivering them to our friends around the city and neighbors nearby. While the boys got to eat a few, I knew that Atticus would connect with the experience of making something for specific people, and then giving it to them (when, let's be honest, we'd all prefer to eat them ourselves.) ;)

We used this recipe (minus the walnuts) and ended up making a few batches. It's a fun recipe to make with kids because the dough gets really thick, close to a play-doh consistency. It's a little easier for them to participate in making the dough balls.
The boys also got to color brown paper bags, which we delivered the cookies in (they were actually in a ziplock bag inside the brown bag, which was necessary, since we had to toss a couple over a fence onto people's stoops).
I'm looking forward to expanding the boy's gifting/helping/serving experience outside of those we already know. But this has been a fun, big part of our holiday celebrations this year. 


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