Weekending in the West Loop

You guys. A miracle has happened in our little corner of the world. Stumptown is here! And I think Michael can now finally accept that we ever left the Northwest.
Flirting with the table next to us with hot chocolate on his face :)
Atticus loved the tiger cup
Whenever he pretends to talk on the phone he says, "nice to meet ya!"
While Shake Shack's burgers are some of the best patties around, my mom turned me onto the Shackago dog and I can't stop!
Over the weekend (which again, was FIFTY DEGREES in Chicago in December! All week, people. I am so happy.) we took the l to the West Loop to visit the new Stumptown (which Michael had already been to, but I suggested he take the fam to show us, because, #wifepoints) and ended up grabbing some lunch at Shake Shack as well. Michael was on cloud nine, it was kind of comical. Admittedly, I tend to be pretty cautious with our spending on eating out (womp womp) but it felt good to just enjoy the time out in the sun with all 4 of us, not rushing back to make food at home. When we were eating lunch, Michael pointed out how he loves living in a place that he can enjoy coffee based out of Portland and lunch based out of New York within blocks of each other. And I'm still freaking out that this is only 2 l stops away! Having lived on the far north side depending on CTA for all transportation, I am forever grateful for how close we are to downtown now.

It's also worth noting that the development happening west of downtown presents some complications for the West Side in general, which we are so grateful to consider our home. We are enjoying the perks of this development, but it seems especially vulnerable for our neighborhood to be so close to the West Loop expansion while historically being one of the most affordable, and lowest income, areas in the city. It is with anticipation but also hesitation that we watch the effects of these improvements on our community, which will undoubtedly mean rising rent costs over the coming years.
One thing I realized after coming back home is that my photography skills need some major work. That and I should wear my glasses when I shoot and edit. :) Goals for the new year!
Even still, I love this one.


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