Dear Carmel Colored Couch

Dear Carmel Colored Couch,

I've always been on a low-key search for a bright colored, jewel-toned couch, preferably of the velvet persuasion. But I've started to see you around in a few different places, and every time you just make me feel warm. Maybe the emotive response I've been looking for in a deep magenta or evergreen actually lies in you - a more neutral, but still very personal hue. You really shine in the midst of graphic black and white decor, but I think you'll also be a perfect mediator for all the other colors we want to bring into our house. You've proven yourself both as the focal point or the neutralizer. Kudos to you.

Anthropologie Heatherly Sofa

Clickon Furniture Greco Seater

Room and Board Hutton Sofa
Jonathan Adler Baxter T-Arm Sofa

Article Matrix Sofa

Overstock Linen Sofa

Urban Outfitters Chamberlin Sofa


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