A Wednesday Morning at the Space Needle

Last week, on the first sunny day we had had in a while, I woke the boys up bright and early to make it up into the space needle! We spent some time on the grounds back in April, and when we were there I felt totally okay with telling the boys that we weren't going to go up in it that day. We did ride the monorail, but we just can't always do everything that we're presented with. (I also think that living in Chicago has made it really easy for me to say no to any type of tourist attraction anywhere, ha.) But as we were walking to the car in April, after not having gone to the top, I promised myself and the boys that we would definitely make it up there someday. 

It was a really beautiful experience to be up there pretty early in the morning. I would've loved to have been the first ones in and greeted the city with the sun. Even so, we had lots of space to take our time (or run in some cases), and the boys LOVED leaning on the slanted out wall, and even reaching through the glass panes. Multiple adults commented on how brave they are. It felt like such a funny commentary to me - the boys just seem to not have time to be afraid and, because of that, I don't have the option! 

This time around in Seattle I am in. love. with all of the glass and metal factors of the modern architecture here. Even the walk to the elevator was a beautiful space!

I'm realizing that Atticus is seeming so serious in pictures lately, but I'm grateful that his thoughtful, observant, sweet personality is just coming through more and more.

The lighting could've been better for this pic and I could've fed the boys breakfast before we rushed to the top of the needle, but not everything always goes as well as it could! (And sometimes I struggle with this fact.) The lack of breakfast was remedied by getting some Top Pot at the top of the needle, and the picture was somewhat remedied by these green screen shots courtesy of the Space Needle. ;)
After donuts we journeyed down one level to the rotating glass floor!

You know, the kids won't always be looking at the camera for every pic, but as the mom YOU GOTTA BE READY for when that moment does come. ;)

Againnnnn this space! And on to the playground outside. 

Atticus is about halfway up the vertical climb here! His bravery and strength was seriously impressive on this playground. 

In this last one, Phineas is looking for his brother and asking "where's Atticus?" It's been so funny to watch him become so attached to his big brother. Phineas is nothing short of independent, but if he doesn't know exactly where Atticus is, he stops all other activities until he has eyes on him. 


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