Alki Beach!

Fun fact: before we moved to Chicago, Michael and I found a little beach shack rental on Alki beach and very much intended to rent it out. It was small and outdated, but the front door literally opened to the Sound! I passed it when the boys and I were driving to the beach, and still felt all the heart eyes for it. I think I will always love the idea of living small.

We had so many sunny days in Seattle and it was amazing! Last Saturday we went to Alki beach with our friend Jannie and spent most of our time playing in the sand. (We also got chowder and fish + chips on our way back to the car - absolute yum.) It's got such a fun little coastal town feel with a beautiful view. I'm just feeling really lucky that we get to spend any amount of time at a place like this.

The boys ended up in quite the sand-wrestling tournament with some nearby teenagers cheering them on. It was a little weird, a little hilarious, and obviously they loved it.

Until next time, Alki!


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