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Helping Your New-Mom Friend

Happy Mother's Day 2019! I posted on instagram a few hours ago and just realized that I used the hashtag happymothersday2018. Oy! I enjoyed a ginormous helping of biscuits and gravy for breakfast at Whisk this morning, but haven't had anything other than coffee the rest of the day and I think it's only thickening the mom-brain fog. Planning to catch up on some nutrients soon by finishing my pint of Jeni's Brambleberry Crisp that I have waiting in the freezer. But actually, this post is not about food!

I've been thinking a lot lately on what I found really helpful as a new mom when friends would come to visit, and what I find myself advising other friends do or not do when visiting moms in this very tender stage. New moms NEED people around, even if they're not looking or feeling their best. And these are just a few suggestions that I have to make your presence go the extra mile for her.

1. Come Bearing Gifts
Okay, you really do NOT need to bring gifts (and the …

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