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Family Pictures with a Family Update

It feels like we've had years of life happen since my last post just less than 2 months ago. On December 14th we closed on house (!!!), the 15th we moved, the next week I was sick and we had some pretty serious home maintenance to attend to. Then we travelled for 2 weeks for the holidays, then came back to getting some pretty major work done on the house, and finishing unpacking. The last 2 weeks have been Michael and I switching off colds, and preparing for Michael to move to Seattle for work for 6 months. 
Oh yeah, did I mention that MICHAEL IS MOVING TO SEATTLE FOR 6 MONTHS??
Literally days before we closed on our house, Michael got his official offer to be a roaster at the new Starbucks opening on Michigan Ave. later this year. Seriously, the dream job for him. And the dream training, since it will take place in Seattle. We thought that maybe (hopefully) the whole family would be moving out with him. It hasn't work out that way, but we are looking forward to keeping up wi…

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