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Springtime in Seattle

The boys and I got to fly to Seattle back in April to visit Michael, and it was an amazing time together! We were all so happy to see him, but it was also our first big trip as a family. And honestly I was over the moon to get to be traveling with the boys, and showing him a different part of the country (which in many ways feels like a different part of the world).

I feel like there is so much that could be shared here, but I'm going to go with what I think might be helpful for others who are looking to spend time in Seattle, or really any city that isn't their own.

How it worked: air travel outnumbered by kids - and stuff!
The biggest hurdle of getting the boys and I to Seattle was transporting all of our stuff from our house in Chicago to the pick up curb at the Seattle airport. We chose to take both carseats, the double stroller, and 2 sleeping bags, along with all of our normal stuff. Until dealing with the logistics of all of this stuff, I didn't realize how many leg…

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