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6 Months of Interior Planning

As it turns out, not having the finances readily available for updating our house is giving me a lot of time to think and re-think about the direction we want to go with the design. Instead of being discouraged about the timeline (read: yearsss) it's going to take for us to conquer it all, I'm going with the waves of inspiration that will come to me until then and enjoying the time that I have to lean into each one of them. We were really fortunate to purchase our house at a considerably low price - with a rehab loan to update the exterior of the house. Completing that update was important as it was compromising the walls with rain water leaking in and damaging the drywall, and more importantly, the wood behind it. Now that that is out of the way (whew, even just one project was enough for me for a while), we can take the rest of the projects one by one. And when I say "projects," I'm talking:
Windows and Doors


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